Birthing From Within Classes


Whether you are a first time parent or are planning to birth again, BIRTHING FROM WITHIN™ classes focus on holding safe space for you as you seek the answers to your own questions, as you explore all options and as you prepare to navigate the unknown journey of labour, birth and parenthood.

Your Birthing From Within™ classes will cover…

  • A parent’s experience of birth as a rite of passagebfwlogo
  • Opening your body-mind before and during labor with the practice of mindfulness, visualizations & pain-coping practices
  • Building confidence in yourself and your partner
  • Gathering information and making informed choices
  • Creating and protecting your birthing space
  • Pushing your baby out
  • Birthing-in-awareness no matter what path birth takes
  • Self-care after childbirth and planning for the postpartum period
  • Caring for and feeding your newborn
  • Adjusting to a new normal
    …and much more!

Our classes meet as small groups of three to six couples in a comfortable, nurturing home environment. You will learn lots of practical information about labor, hands-on comfort measures and positions to encourage optimal fetal position and a more comfortable birthing experience.

What makes us Special ….

  • Our classes are not “outcome focused”. The “road map” of birth is ancient and looks different to every birthing mother and her partner. We will explore what doing the “Next Best Thing” is and what the compassionate use of pain medication means.
  • To prepare heart, mind and body for the arrival of a baby earthside, we approach childbirth preparation holistically by using all sorts of mediums such as journaling, art, storytelling and ritual.
  • We hold a special class just for partners where we discuss “labour etiquette”, how to support themselves and the labouring woman during birth and any other questions or concerns they may have.


What some have said about our classes…


” As a first time mom, I felt that there are a lot of unknowns especially concerning the labour process. My husband and I looked for a prenatal class that  would be informative,  open minded, and  provide a wholesome approach to birthing. Thankfully we came across  Ericka and Rachel who teach the class – Birthing From Within. 

They are very knowledgeable and bring forth great personalities. They provided great value every time and focused on each individual (the needs of the mom and dad) They never rushed and would always ask if we had questions before moving onto the next topic.

I never felt any pressure to disclose any personal information or feelings. I surprised myself and felt very comfortable participating in the group discussions. 

I’m so happy with Birthing From Within curriculum. It’s exactly what my husband and I were needing. 

Thank you again Ericka and Rachel for sharing your time and love for couples in this precious time of their lives.”

 ~ Annelisa



6 week Group Classes ~ $350

Upcoming 2017/2018 Series…


Private 2 Day Class Intensive ~ $450

Saturdays only. Scheduled upon Request and Availability


Ancient Map for Modern Birth ~ A Taste of Birthing From Within™ ~ $20

Upcoming 2017/2018 Intro Class…




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