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What makes a Doula THE Doula for you?

Ericka Roy is an Experienced Professional Doula that is passionate about birth, Women Centered Care and providing continuous support for Mothers-to-be and their families.


I experienced first hand the positive effect that women to women support can have during the intensity of the birth process and the upheavals of the postpartum period. I began to attend births 10 years ago to see if I was “cut out” to be a birth worker. I loved it right from the start but was not quite ready to make “the jump”. A year after the incredibly fast home birth of my second daughter, I decided that the time was right to begin my journey as a birth professional, working towards midwifery. I am passionate about supporting families as they navigate through their pregnancies and births, while preparing them to thrive through all possible paths that birth may take.


Ericka’s Education

Birthing From Within Mentor Training (April 2016)
Herbal Medicine For Women with Aviva Jill Romm MD (Midwife, M.D, Herbalist) Present to 2017/2018
“The Farm” Midwifery Assistant Workshop with Ina May Gaskin CPM(April 2013)
DONA Birth Doula Certification (May 2013) DONA Birth Doula Training (May 2012) 


Training, Certifications & Continuing Education

erickainamayI attended an intensive 6 day workshop at The Farm Midwifery Center in Summertown, Tennessee in April of 2013 where I had the opportunity to learn from Ina May Gaskin, as well as The Farm Midwives; Pamela Hunt, Joanne Santana, and Deborah Flowers.

Through the workshop, I gained a whole new perspective and knowledge of the intricacies of birth as well as new techniques to support the labouring and birthing Mother.

Please note that I am not able to practice any clinical skills learned during our Midwifery Workshop as I am NOT a Registered Midwife.

Placenta Education

As an Independent Placenta Encapsulator, I have experience and training in Bloodborne Pathogens, Safe Handling, Infection Control, Sterilization & Disinfection of Critical and Semi-Critical Instruments, from the training I received during our workshop at The Farm Midwifery Center in 2013 and The Canadian Standards Association’s 2014 seminar in Calgary, AB for reprocessing instruments in a community setting.