Our Birth Philosphy


Our birthing philosophy is based on the Woman Centered Model Of Care that acknowledges pregnancy and birth as normal, natural processes. We understand that birth has a profound meaning to women, their families and communities and that those experiences stay with us over the course of our lives.

As a doula, I have two philosophies that come into play during my support.

  1. I believe my clients should have full access to accurate information.
  2. I believe that my clients should make decisions they feel are best for them personally.

What Is The Woman Centered Care Model?

  • The woman maintains power and authority over herself
  • Responsibility is in the hands of the woman, shared with her care provider.
  • The goal is to assist the woman toward self care (and self knowledge) as a healthy person in a state of normalcy.
  • The woman’s body is a well-functioning complex organism with needs and workings best known by the woman.
  • The care provider guides the woman.
  • The best health care is compassionate, caring.
  • Health is ensured through physical and emotional lifestyle approaches.
  • The care provider supports and assists.

Adapted From Aviva Romm’s “Pocket Guide To Midwifery Care