My Sterilization Practices

Why Choose Serene Mama’s Placenta Services?

Serene Mama practices safe handling during placenta preparation with a combined 7 years of experience with working in environments with potential blood borne pathogens. I began encapsulating placentas professionally in September 2012.

I highly encourage all prospective clients to take a look at my sterilization protocol slideshow below.

I feel it’s important that my clients understand my sterilizing and disinfecting routine as currently there is no official certifying or regulating organization for placenta encapsulation in Canada. I want my clients to feel comfortable not only with me, but to also ask questions as they interview other potential placenta encapsulators.

For more in depth information on why I choose to use heat sterilization, how I clean our instruments and other common questions, please visit out my Placenta Service FAQ’s section.

My experience and training in safe preparation:

The Farm Midwifery Centre – Midwifery Assistant Workshop (April 2013):

Ericka’s Farm Midwifery Workshop Certificate

Training in Disease Prevention and Infection Control including blood borne pathogen safety (OSHA standards). Sterilization of instruments and disinfection of work surfaces utilizing pressure canner (autoclave), dry heat (oven) sterilization and chemical disinfectant techniques. Sterile technique.

CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Reprocessing Critical Instruments In A Community Setting Seminar (February 2014):

Renewed my knowledge of current safety standards, bloodborne pathogens. Training in up-to-date requirements for professional practices and recommendations for record keeping in the event of AHS audit. Renewed my knowledge in safe and correct reprocessing and maintenance of instruments. Renewed my knowledge in safe and correct disinfection of the workspace.

Please Note: This information has not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Serene Mama provides placenta encapsulation as a preparation only service for Mothers who do not wish to prepare, dehydrate and encapsulate their own placenta in their immediate postpartum.